V.J. Stanley Jr.

Founder of Balance Excellence, Author and Speaker

V.J. is an author and public speaker who formed Balanced Excellence (formerly Frozen Shorts) as a youth and High School sports injury prevention company. With over 30 years of experience and a published book V.J., with his holistic organic approach to teaching kids, youth and high school sports, is changing the youth and high school sports paradigm. (with a lot of help) using the Champion's mindset to reset the youth and high school sports paradigm.
We specialize in balance. Home school your kids in youth sports. He brings back the backyard back.
He has done consulting work with High school and youth coaches, ex professional athletes, college coaches, players, families, and youth organizations. Both mental and physical health is of long term benefit to all.
"It's not my mission to decide when, if or how the light goes on for those participating in youth and high school sports. My goal is to just keep flipping the switch."‚Äč

V.J.'s quote: "Children learn from internal realization, not external force!"

Check out his awesome video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCtcxnanUdc&t=7s



Key Topic: Why youth sports should be fun?

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