The TC4S (Transformational Coaching for Sport) Workshop

Through this interactive workshop, learn the specific, measurable skills that will inspire, empower, and bring out the best in your athletes.

The centrepiece of our coach education program is a 2.5-hour workshop where participants learn what Transformational Coaching behaviours look like in real life and are given opportunities to reflect on, practice, and receive feedback on their own use of those behaviours.  

Following an exploration about what makes for an effective coach, participants are exposed to a full-range leadership model covering the spectrum from toxic to transformational styles. 

With a solid foundation established, the workshop then dives more deeply into the four dimensions of Transformational Coaching and how they equip coaches to inspire, challenge, empower, and lead by example. 

Each of the 11 behaviours is illustrated with specific examples. Key concepts are reinforced through videos, discussions, small group activities and reflection exercises. 

Participants receive a complementary workbook and slide deck, along with additional resource materials to enhance understanding and encourage use of the transformational behaviours. 

Access From Anywhere

Our virtual workshop allows you to learn, interact and experience all within the comfort of your own home.

Research-driven. Real-world tested. 

With input from coaches, athletes and administrators in leading sport organizations, we’ve synthesized our research findings into a user-friendly model that focuses on 11 interpersonal behaviours that are essential to being an effective coach.  

We’ve tested the model and it works.  

Transformational coaches stand out because they: demonstrate genuine care and concern for each of their athletes; inspire athletes with a vision around achievement and purpose; challenge their athletes and express confidence in their abilities; develop their athletes into creative, innovative and independent thinkers. 

Proven leadership model. 

Transformational Coaching for Sport (TC4S) is an evidence-based approach to coach education that looks beyond the “x’s and o’s” to focus on essential leadership and interpersonal skills. The emphasis is on developing the athlete as a whole person who benefits over time from small, everyday behaviours by the coach.  

For coaches, the approach encourages reflection and builds greater self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses. It develops specific, measurable skills that inspire, empower, and bring out the best in their athletes.  

Based on years of leading academic research by  Dr. Jean Côté, and his colleague, Dr. Jennifer Turnnidge, from Queen’s University in Kingston, the TC4S model was developed by a team of specialists from across Canada and the United States .TC4S is built on proven leadership theory, and benefits from multiple scientific disciplines, including sport psychology, developmental psychology, organizational research, and behaviour change theory. 


Behaviours of a Transformational Leader 


Meet Your Facilitator

Beth Barz 

Facilitator and Mentor Coach

Advanced Coaching Diploma program at the Canadian Sport Institutes in Ontario and Calgary

Beth is an experienced Facilitator and Mentor Coach for the Advanced Coaching Diploma program at the Canadian Sport Institutes in Ontario and Calgary where she supports high-performance coaches in values-based leadership and decision making.  

She is a NCCP Master Coach Developer in rugby and multisport and is a World Rugby Trainer. Beth is also a Kingston high school teacher and completed an MA in Leadership; her thesis focused on increasing the effectiveness of professional development for Canadian rugby coaches.  

Beth is also in her 19th season coaching university varsity rugby (mens and women’sand has served on the Ontario senior women’s team staff for several seasons. She is a World Rugby Trainer and multisport and rugby Master Coach Developer in the NCCP. Beth’s current research interest revolves around Coach Developers in multisport and sport-specific settings; she is currently pursuing a PhD on this topic 

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