Luke Earl

Kevin Shier

Ian Mackenzie

TOP Sports is a Toronto-based organization aimed at changing the current culture surrounding competitive youth sports into an environment that promotes athlete development and fosters a lifelong passion for sports. The keys to success? "Proper development, manageable scheduling, multi-sport play, and quality coaching".

Luke Earl is the president and Co-founder of TOP Sports. He's a former professional hockey player (Germany Oberliga, ECHL) and a Yale University alumni who graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Also at Yale, Luke served as captain on their NCAA D-1 Hockey team. Luke himself comes from a multi-sport background (playing lacrosse, soccer, and hockey in high school) and has fathered 3 TOP athletes.

Kevin Shier is the Program Director at TOP Sports. With two degrees- in Sports Media from Ryerson University and in Political Science from Union College. During his time at Union College, Kevin played on their Division 1 NCAA Hockey team. Kevin also played in the OJHL, where he served as an assistant captain and received various awards- MVP, All-Star. In high school, he played hockey, football, rugby, and baseball. 

Ian Mackenzie is the Head of Development and Co-founder of TOP Sports. He's a Wilfrid Laurier University alumni with a degree in Communication and Business, who also played Club Hockey during his time there. He was a team captain within GTHL Hockey for 10 years, and has also been an avid multi-sport player. In high school, Ian played soccer, golf, and volleyball. 


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