2018 Youth Sports Winter Summit

The 2018 Winter Summit features 17 distinguished speakers who speak about various hot topics on youth sports for approximately an hour each. Check out the list of speakers and topics:

Day 1:

  • Mike Butters: How to Coach Millennials, Generation Z and Girls vs. Boys
  • Kyla Hartnell: How to Prevent Overuse Injuries
  • Rick Benson: How to Coach Girls vs. Boys
  • Dr. Gordon Bloom: The importance of coaches to seek mentors
  • Dave Briglio: How to keep it Simple
  • Allyson Tufts: How to be a Great Sports Parent

Day 2:

  • Vicki Harber: What makes boys vs. girls at risk for injury
  • David Newson: How sports organizations can collaborate to permit Multi-Sport Participation
  • Demetrius Clark: How to create a safe to fail environment
  • Pete Jacobson: How to create a Culture of Excellence
  • Jeremy Frisch: Why Free Play is so Important
  • Gordon MacLelland: How to engage Sports Parents

Day 3:

  • Duff Gibson: What is the Growth Mindset
  • Chris Cerroni: Why is Coaching Certification and ongoing development important
  • Darren Wensor: How to Disguise Drills
  • Erika Howard: How to Teach with Perspective and the Growth Mindset
  • Bob Mancini: What is the American Development Model (ADM)
  • Wayne Goldsmith: How to be a Great Leader
  • Dr. Amy Saltzman: What is Mindfulness and its Benefits

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