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Are you looking for a platform that elevates your knowledge as a coach, no matter your skill level, guides you as a parent in the best ways to engage with your children's teams, and combines winning results with fun and a Love of the Game? Look no further than the For the Love of the Game Membership Plan. 

What's included in your membership with For the Love of the Game:

A membership with us currently includes access to:

  • Over 150 hrs of video content (including premium interviews, expert presentations, and panels).
  • 100+ ebooks.
  • 12 online courses and growing.
  • Access to our podcasts.
  • As well as future content.

It is also easy access to all of your membership content under 'My Library' by:

  • Logging into your account on our website OR
  • Using a convenient mobile app!

A love for sport has to include a love for a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and development. Let us be a part of your coaching, parenting, and athletic journey, so that we can all ensure kids love what they play.


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