How Physical Literacy Can Benefit Everyone

In this course you will learn the benefits of physical literacy and the relationship it has with the development of youths in our community. We will go over the importance of physical literacy across all sports and how it promotes the development of fundamental movement skills. Being physically literate will allow for the transfer of core skills from sports to non-sporting activities.

What you'll benefit from taking this course:

  • Learn about the fundamentals of physical literacy and what it is
  • Applications of physical literacy in sports
  • How to apply physical literacy into sports to maximize athletic development
  • How to adapt physical literacy to all ages of athletes


Instructor for this course:

Chris Wright, BSc Hons, 

Physical Literacy Coordinator for Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE)

Physical Literacy Coordinator for Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE)
Chris has been with PISE since 2012, working throughout Victoria to build and develop knowledge of physical literacy. Chris oversees 50 programs a week with children and youth of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. As part of his role, Chris shares his knowledge of games and play based activities to many different organisations and sectors, including coaches, recreation leaders, Early Childhood Educator’s, inclusion services, health organisations, schools and parents.




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