Purpose Mapping

Learn how to apply goal setting to achieve high levels of performance from youth all the way to Olympic Level in sport, education.


Benefits you'll receive from taking this course:

  • CLARIFY your strengths
  • UNLOCK your potential
  • EMBRACE your limits
  • Richard's HIGHLY EFFECTIVE goal setting strategy using purpose mapping
  • Plan your life goals, athletic goals, and personal goals and accomplish them!
  • Improve others by improving yourself!
  • Achieve high levels of performance in athletic development


Instructor for this course:

Richard Monette, MA

Founder and Consultant at InnerWarrior Consulting

Richard is the founder of Inner Warrior Consulting, human and organizational coaching, and has worked with world champion athletes, Olympians to corporate CEO's. He also is a managing director of Active for Life (B2Ten grassroots initiative who also is the sponsor service providers for Canada's Olympic Athletes), a member of the International Coach Association, member of Association for Applied Sport Psychology and a qualified Strength Deployment Inventory Facilitator.


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