How To Coach Generation Z

Find out the differences on how to coach generation Z vs. Millennials (Gen Y) and key coaching tips so that you can foster communication, develop trust and get the most from your athletes to provide them the optimal environment for development.


Benefits you'll get after taking this course:

  • Build an understanding of the differences between our current generation of athletes and prior generations
  • Understand highly effective strategies to implement when coaching Generation Z
  • Transform your coaching abilities to coach Generation Z
  • Adapt your coaching methods to better suit today's athletes
  • Maximize your athlete's development


Instructor for this course:

Glen Mulcahy, DiplT, BPE


Glen is the founder of PARADIGM Sports, speaker for Changing the Game Project and has 20+ years coaching experience of both men/women and boys/girls in various sports. He has also been a Hockey Canada NCCP Instructor for BC Hockey since 2009 and has certified thousands of coaches in the Pacific Coach Amateur Hockey Association (PCAHA). Glen is an alumni of UBC, Bachelor of Phys Ed with a major in Motor Control and Performance and is also the proud parent of a son and daughter who have gone thru the youth sports "system" since 2000.



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