2018 Youth Sports Summer Summit

Youth sports attrition rates are as high as 70% by the age of 13. Just think about that; if you put your 10 year old child on a hockey team with 9 other kids, by the time they're teenagers only three kids will be left. As well, national health surveys report 32% of the 5-to-17 year old age group is either overweight or obese. Former active play time is being replaced with inactive screen time, at an average of 6 and a half hours per day.

This summer, we talked with 21 of the industry's top professors, coaches, and youth sports experts, who shared their knowledge on the current problems facing youth sports and what we can do to fix them. All 21 talks are available here, to help athletes, parents, youth sports coaches, and executive members ensure that kids love the game more at the beginning of the season than they did at the end.

Speakers from the summit include:

  • John O’Sullivan – Founder and CEO of the Changing the Game Project
  • Dr. Jean Côté – Director of the School of Kinesiology at Queen’s University and expert researcher on transformational coaching
  • Dr. Wade Gilbert – Award-Winning Professor of Kinesiology at California State and Author of Coaching Better Every Season

To see a full list of speakers, click here.


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