Growth Mindset

Dr. Danelle Kabush will be talking about the growth mindset and how it can lead to more success for our youths today. As parents and leaders of youth in our community we are able to assist in the development of a child's mindset at a young age. A growth mindset is the belief that anyone can get better in anything if they put time in it. Dr. Danelle Kabush will explain how promoting a growth mindset will help with the development and motivation of our youth.


What you'll get in this course:

  • Key differences between a growth mindset vs fixed mindset
  • Understanding benefits of having a growth mindset
  • How to avoid obtaining a fixed mindset
  • Maximizing athlete development using growth mindsets
  • How to use a growth mindset to succeed in sports and player development
  • Coaching strategies to ensure your players adapt a growth mindset
  • Effective ways to provide feedback to players for proper growth and development
  • Methods to Apply a fixed mindset to anything you do in life!

Your Instructor for this course:

Dr. Danielle Kabush

Danelle holds a PhD in Social Psychology and an MA in Sport Psychology from The University of Ottawa, as well as BSc in Psychology and a BA in French from the University of Washington.  For her doctorate, Danelle looked at how coaches and athletes communicate about training in endurance sport and how such communication affects athletes’ self-determined motivation.  

For over a decade, Danelle has worked as mental performance consultant with several national sport teams via the Canadian Sport Institute – Calgary, and currently through the Canadian Sport Institute – Pacific. Along with teaching sport psychology part-time at Camosun College, Danelle works collaboratively with parents, individual athletes, teams and coaches on mental preparation strategies for optimal performance and wellness in sport.

As an athlete, Danelle grew up competing in soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track and field. She is a three-time Xterra World Championship Medalist, a former Professional Mountain Bike Racer and NCAA Division One Collegiate All-American in Track. During her off-road triathlon career Danelle competed for the Luna Pro Team between breaks to give birth to her now 10-year old daughter and 7-year old son. Competing into motherhood, Danelle has also been an advocate for mom’s to stay active and even competitive after having children.

In her spare time, Danelle enjoys blogging on topics related to motherhood, sport and performance psychology at She currently resides in Victoria BC, Canada. 


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