Teaching Life Skills Through Sports

Dr. Laura Farres will be providing her insight to how leaders of youth can teach life skills through sports. Physical activity is a major element on a youth's development and being able to provide more than just strategies of the game is important for all leaders of the community. Through her experience working with athletes of all ages, Dr. Laura Farres will explain the benefits and importance of teaching life skills through sports.


Benefits you'll get taking this course:

  • Understanding transferable skills you obtain through sports
  • 5 Different kinds of skills obtainable
  • How to teach life skills through sports
  • The hierarchy of life skills development
  • How to maximize your athletic and personal development
  • An Understanding of what "external assets" are tools to build them
  • An Understanding of what "internal assets" are and tools to build them


Instructor for this course:

Laura Farres, PhD, Ch, P.C.

Founder of Mind in Motion Consulting and Faculty Member at Douglas College

Dr. Laura Farres is the founder of Mind in Motion consulting and is a mental performance consultant with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and a chartered professional coach with Coaches of Canada. She works with a number of national, provincial and regional organizations in the areas of mental training as it applies to sport, health, exercise and business contexts. Dr. Laura Farres is also an instructor at Douglas College in the Sport Sciences Department.


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