Don't Be a Kid's Last Coach

An online video course on the topic of why kids are quitting sports, how to prevent kids from quitting, and strategie...

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2018 Youth Sports Winter Summit

The 2018 Winter Summit features 17 distinguished speakers who speak about various hot topics on youth sports for appr...

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2018 Youth Sports Summer Summit

Youth sports attrition rates are as high as 70% by the age of 13. Just think about that; if you put your 10 year old ...

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Purpose Mapping

Learn how to apply goal setting to achieve high levels of performance from youth all the way to Olympic Level in spor...

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How Physical Literacy Can Benefit Everyone

In this course you will learn the benefits of physical literacy and the relationship it has with the development of y...

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How To Coach Generation Z

Find out the differences on how to coach generation Z vs. Millennials (Gen Y) and key coaching tips so that you can f...

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How Coaches Can Engage Parents

Leaders of youth sports will learn different techniques and tricks to engage parents of players on their team. Parent...

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How To Run An Effective Parent Meeting

Glen will share with you key points and resources to teach parents so that you have a positive season including devel...

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Growth Mindset

Dr. Danelle Kabush will be talking about the growth mindset and how it can lead to more success for our youths today....

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Teaching Life Skills Through Sports

Dr. Laura Farres will be providing her insight to how leaders of youth can teach life skills through sports. Physical...

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Early Sport Specialization vs LTAD

One of the hot topics the last decade has been the evolution of early sport specialization vs LTAD and we will share ...

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Exclusive Membership Program

Are you looking for a platform that elevates your knowledge as a coach, no matter your skill level, guides you as a p...

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