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Resources contributed by David Paterson


1. Stay in The Game

2. Meet People, Build a Social Network

3. Chance to Grow and Progress

4. Secondary Income

5. Give Back

1. Fun

2. Friends

3. Fair Play

4. Friendly competition

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  1. Life gets in the way
  2. Lack of progress in the sport - don’t know how to progress
  3. Better job comes along for younger officials
  4. Abuse

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  1. Lack of Free Play -> Learn More
  2. Marginalization of Physical Education -> Learn More
  3. Decreased competence of fundamental movement skills -> Learn More
  4. Early Sport Specialization -> Learn More
  5. Technology -> Learn More
  6. Cost
  1. Speed - ability to move quickly
  2. Strength - ability to move mass
  3. Endurance - ability to sustain cardiovascular activity
  4. Power - ability to exert force
  5. Flexibility - ability to maintain a good range of motion around the joints
  6. Agility - ability to move quickly, laterally
  7. Balance -ability to maintain upright and steady
  1. Study Hard
  2. Get and Stay Fit
  3. Deliberate Practice
  4. Mentor and Give Back
  5. Participate in Your Schedule

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  1. Sleep the Night Before
  2. Get Work Done
  3. Eat
  4. Read The Book
  5. Check In with Partner(s)

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  1. Avoid pointless negativity
  2. Criticize the call, not the official
  3. Ask real questions
  4. First name basis
  5. Be specific

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Additional Video Resources from Experienced Officials


Brian Barlow

Brian is the Founder of the Referee Abuse Awareness Facebook page called Offside, he is the Founder of, and he's a United States 
Soccer Federation (USSF) Soccer Referee.

Offside Facebook Page | More about Brian

Rick Parnham

Rick is currently the President of the Ontario Association of Basketball Officials. He is also an Associate Editor and Travel Writer for “On The Tee” magazine, and Director of the BAGS Junior Golf Tour.

Rick's LinkedIn More about Rick



B.C. Baseball Umpires Association

Rhonda Pauls is the Vice President and Education Chair at BCBUA.

Gord McFarlane is the Lower Mainland Director of BCBUA's grassroots program.

BCBUA's Facebook Page BCBUA's Twitter | More about BCBUA


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