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The Importance of Education:
"Learning doesn’t happen from the neck up; it happens from the feet up.”
Mike Kuczala, Author of The Kinesthetic Classroom

1. Speed - ability to move quickly

2. Strength - ability to move mass

3. Endurance - ability to sustain cardiovascular activity

4. Power - ability to exert force

5. Flexibility - ability to maintain a good range of motion around the joints

6. Agility - ability to move quickly, laterally

7. Balance - ability to maintain upright and steady

What are Fundamental Movement Skills? Learn More 

Why are Fundamental Movement Skills Important in Life & Sport? Learn More

1. Fun

2. Friends

3. Fair Play

4. Friendly competition

5. Finishing the season better than I started

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Additional Video Resources from Experienced Educators


Dr. Nicholas Holt

Nick is a Professor & Associate Dean of Research in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation at the University of Alberta. He also leads the Child & Adolescent Sport & Activity (CASA) Lab, and conducts Athlete Research focusing on Positive Youth Development through sport.

Nick's Twitter More about Nick

Dr. Jean Côté

Jean is a Professor and Director in the School of Kinesiology of Queen’s University. He has recently examined the influence of different coach-athlete relationships on athletes’ outcomes. 

Jean's Twitter Some of Jean's work


Glenn Young

Glenn boasts over 35 years of educational experience, specifically with elementary, middle and high school athletics. He is currently an Educational Consultant at Beaverton School District, and he is also a speaker for the Quality Coaching Collective. 

Glenn's LinkedIn Glenn's Twitter


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