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New Coaches

1. Caring

2. Consistency

3. Clear Communication

4. Fun

5. Listening

1. A coach who displays a caring personality towards your child.

2. A coach who is consistent and reliable.

3. A coach who engages with you and your child

4. A coach who is approachable and willing to answer questions

5. A coach who is a great role model and inspires

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John Kessel

John is the Director of Sports Development at USA Volleyball and World ParaVolley. He is an Internationally acclaimed speaker and coach mentor, and is also a Staff Liaison for over 30 USOC Member Sports Organizations.

John's LinkedIn USA Volleyball's Facebook John's Twitter 

David Turner

David is the Coaching Children & Safeguarding Lead at UK Coaching. He is a co-author of the latest UK Coaching/NSPCC Safeguarding & Protecting Children Workshop, and he is also an Olympic and Paralympic coach of the Javelin female world champion.

David's LinkedIn | More about David


Dr. Jerry Lynch

Jerry is the Founder and Director of Way of Champions, and the author of "Win the Day", "Let Them Play", and more. He is a Practicing Sports Psychologist with collegiate and professional sports teams.

Jerry's LinkedIn | Way of Champions' Facebook | Way of Champions' Twitter | More about Jerry


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