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The Importance of Movement:
"You can't chase your dreams if you're sitting still. Our bodies are designed to move. Movement supports our physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual growth health and well being” - Rick Howard NSCA

1. Speed - ability to move quickly

2. Strength - ability to move mass

3. Endurance - ability to sustain cardiovascular activity

4. Power - ability to exert force

5. Flexibility - ability to maintain a good range of motion around the joints

6. Agility - ability to move quickly, laterally

7. Balance - ability to maintain upright and steady

What are Fundamental Movement Skills? Learn More 

Why are Fundamental Movement Skills Important in Life & Sport? Learn More

1. Lack of Free Play → Learn More 

2. Marginalization of Physical Education → Learn More 

3. Decreased competence of fundamental movement skills → Learn More

4. Early Sport Specialization → Learn More

5. Technology → Learn More 

6. Cost 

1. Fun

2. Friends

3. Fair Play

4. Friendly competition

5. Finishing the Season Better than I started -> learn more -> link to Amanda Visseks work -> download Fun Maps -> link to Let Kids be Kids 

1. Gives you a better chance to discover the sport you love

2. Exposes you to a number of different environments

3. Helps prevent overuse injuries

4. Prevents boredom and burnout

5. Allows for a greater movement repertoire & skill transfer

Learn more

Additional Video Resources from Experienced Athletes


Angela Lewis

Angela owns Angela Lewis and Associates, but she is also a former professional NCAA Division 1 basketball player and coach. She wrote “The Changing Game Assist: Six Simple Ways to Choose Success”

Angela's LinkedIn Angela's Twitter | More about Angela

Martin Reader

Martin is the founder of OFFBALL Athlete and a speaker for Quality Coaching Collective. He is also a former Beach Volleyball Olympian.

Martin's LinkedIn Martin's Facebook | Martin's Twitter | More about Martin


Duff Gibson

Duff is a World and Olympic Gold Medal Champion in Skeleton. He is the founder of Dark Horse Athletic, and is also a speaker and coach.

Duff's LinkedIn Dark Horse Athletic's Facebook | Duff's Twitter | Dark Horse Athletic


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