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Considerations for Running A Quality Sport Club

1. Appreciating the importance of the club having a clear vision and mission.

2. Developing goals that support the club’s mission.

3. Developing a sound strategic plan for the club.

4. Recognizing the types of organizational structures.

5. Developing or revise a clubs articles of incorporation or constitution.

6. Appreciating the importance of developing policies and procedures to provide structure for the club.

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1. Developing a Professional Profile

2. Recognizing a leadership style that fits you

3. Using individual and organizational power effectively

4. Playing Ethical Politics

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1. Appreciating Talent over Skills

2. Create environment where staff members: have autonomy, can attain mastery and understand their purpose

3. Allow staff to be great at what they do best.

4. Let the staff know how what they do contributes to the organization.

5. Let your staff know you care about them as people

6. Create an environment where the staff cares about one another.

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Additional Video Resources from Experienced Sport Administrators


Tim Adams

Tim is the Founder and Executive Director of Free Footie. He's a former Reporter with CBC Edmonton, with a Journalism and English Major from Carleton University.

Tim's LinkedIn Free Footie's Facebook | Free Footie's Twitter | More about Tim

Rick Benson

Rick is the Executive Director of Softball BC. He is a Parks, Recreation and Sport Tourism Committee member, and he also coaches an adult fastpitch softball team.

Rick's LinkedIn | Softball BC's Website


Steve Boyle

Steve is the CEO of the National Association of Physical Literacy (naplUSA), and he is also the CEO of 2-4-1 Sports. He is widely recognized as the national leader of Sport Sampling and Physical Literacy.

Steve's LinkedIn naplUSA's Facebook | Steve's Twitter


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