Love What You Play

Love What You Play

Hosted by: For the Love of the Game

Each week For the Love of the Game meets with the top experts in the youth sports field to provide parents and coaches with the insight, knowledge, and resources they need to ensure kids love what they play.

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Canadian Girls Baseball | Dana Bookman

Episode #81

Dana has received accolades for her amazing work growing the game for girls by being named by the Toronto Star as one of the top 12 Canadian Change Makers, Canadian Baseball Networks top 100 list of most influential...
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2-4-1 Sports | Steve Boyle

Episode #80

Steve Boyle is widely recognized as the national leader in sport sampling and physical literacy in the United States. As a former Division 1 athlete and after nearly 30 years of counseling, teaching, working with...
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Sport Injuries | Dr. Tommy Gerschman

Episode #79

Dr. Tommy Gerschman received his MD from the University of British Columbia and is a practicing Pediatric Rheumatologist (FRCPC). He is the Chair of the Doctors of BC Athletics and Recreation Committee and is the...
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Free Play | Carlene Lewall

Episode #78

Lewall's introduction to the sport happened by chance. She started her career as a physical education teacher and part of her degree at UBC involved learning about gymnastics. Upon completion of her degree, her first...
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Insights on Youth Sports | Nate Baldwin

Episode #77

Nathan Baldwin has spent over 17 years engaged in developing quality sport programs for all ages, advocating for inclusion, progressive skill development, quality coaching and lifelong enjoyment of the game. His...
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COVID effects on Sport | Janis Meredith

Episode #76

Janis is a mother of 3 children who are very active in the sports community and is the founder of Raising Champion Families, which uses coaching, mentoring and blogging to support sports families. As a certified life...
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Insights on COVID and Sports | David Newson

Episode #75

As the Executive Director of Seiahmoo Minor Hockey Association and a Sledge Hockey Technical Delegate in the Paralympic International Committee, David Newson provides strong insights on how COVID has impacted our...
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Importance of Positive Interactions | Rosemary Morris

Episode #74

Rosemary has been Involved at the elite level of basketball for more than 30 years – as a referee at WNBL and SEABL level for 19 years – The first female to referee Men’s games at the elite level. She has been...
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Long-term Impacts of COVID on Sports | John O’Sullivan

Episode #73

John is an author, speaker and long time soccer coach on the youth, college and professional level. He is host of the Way of Champions Podcast and the Founder of the Changing the Game Project, an organization...
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Life of an Official | Mike Thomson

Episode #72

Mike Thomson was recently appointed officials for Basketball Canada for this coming February. He has been a referee for over 40 years on the local, national and international level. After having retired from being an...
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The Beginnings of an Official | David Pierce

Episode #71

Dr. Pierce is the author of the ground breaking textbook, Selling in the Sport Industry. He has published over 70 peer reviewed manuscripts, presented over 100 times at academic conferences, and secured over 30 grants...
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Treating Officials with Respect | Brenda Hilton

Episode #70

Brenda Hilton is the founder and CEO of Officially Human which is founded to restore respect to, and positive treatment of, sport officials through increased education and communication to all stakeholders...
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