Private Coaching Co. | Owen McBride

Episode #83

Owen McBride is an accomplished athlete who recently founded Private Coaching Co. alongside his team to create positive sport experiences for youth athletes of all skill levels and ages.

In this episode, we talk about Owen's journey as a decorated soccer player as well as other sports, having received 2 silver medals in the AAA Provincial Championships, a bronze medal in the Sportcheck Canadian National Championship, and a silver medal in the BC Summer Games. We will also be discussing how his story motivated him to change the sport experience for millions of kids worldwide with Private Coaching Co. which aims to provide one-on-one and small group sports training sessions. 


  • 00:00 Introduction.
  • 01:15 Where Owen grew up and his opinion growing up with multiple sports.
  • 03:21 What makes sports fun.
  • 05:56 Being forced to specialize in a sport at a young age and why Owen chose soccer over baseball.
  • 09:11 Why Owen began the journey of Private Coaching Co., single-sport burnout, and the physical and mental tolls of the elite sports environment.
  • 13:46 The balance of sports and social life. Encouraging being stress-free and making mistakes.
  • 16:31 Early specialization sports injuries and guided warm-ups.
  • 19:08 The stigma of the word ‘elite’ at younger ages.
  • 21:34 Lack of multi-sport and athletic capabilities in young children.
  • 25:03 What type of programs and coaches Private Coaching Co. offers and the goal to expand beyond North Vancouver.
  • 29:35 The vision for Private Coaching Co. 5 years from now and Owen’s aspiration to reach millions of kids.
  • 31:07 What the better normal could be for sports versus what it was before COVID-19.
  • 33:56 Parental pressure on kids to pursue specific sports. Owen’s motto to allow kids to be in the ‘driver’s seat’.
  • 36:48 Competing with video games, esports, and the need for kids to be active.
  • 41:10 Inclusivity and affordability in sports.
  • 42:53 Upcoming Private Coaching Co. summer clinics.
  • 44:31 Outro.

The interview featured on this episode of the Love What You Play podcast originally aired live on For the Love of the Game's Facebook page and YouTube channel.


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