NTC Hockey | Dan Blackburn

Episode #84

Dan Blackburn is a coach and the founder of National Training Centres Hockey, as well as the creator of the Pillars of Greatness curriculum.

In this episode, we talk about Dan's journey to success as a coach, author, and father, despite hardships. Dan has trained thousands of athletes, including PK Subban of the NJ Devils, two-time Stanley Cup champion David Bolland, and Stanley Cup champion Tyler Sequin of the Dallas Stars. We also go over NTC Hockey's mission of teaching athletes how to see and experience their greatness both on, and off, the ice and to produce the most dominant hockey players in the game.


  • 00:00 Introduction.
  • 01:25 Where Dan grew up, his family challenges, and what sports he played as a kid.
  • 04:42 How Dan got involved into hockey coaching and his tryouts anecdote.
  • 09:20 Dan’s motivation to coach hockey at a young age and what age groups he coached.
  • 12:13 How Dan started with off-ice training and set out to prove its benefits for athletes.
  • 16:37 Being ahead of the curve with off-ice training and incorporating mental training.
  • 19:24 Recognizing that there is a life after professional sports and how to transition smoothly.
  • 22:14 Dan’s definition of what mental health should be.
  • 26:26 Looking at the athletes that have struggled in the Covid era and Dan’s approach to help them.
  • 30:25 Dan’s vision for a better normal in youth sports after Covid.
  • 35:37 Where does Dan’s optimism and energy comes from and his “booyah” shtick.
  • 40:22 Details on how you can connect with Dan.
  • 42:48 Outro.

The interview featured on this episode of the Love What You Play podcast originally aired live on For the Love of the Game's Facebook page and YouTube channel.


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