Overcoming a Major Injury in Sports | Kevin Rempel & Rob Pallante

Episode #86

Kevin Rempel is a Canadian sledge hockey 2013 world champion with a 2014 Paralympic bronze medal and the founder of The Sledge Hockey Experience. Rob Pallante is a former NCAA Div 1 hockey player and the founder of Mindset Body Bank!

In this episode, we talk about Kevin's life experience and how they led him to play for Team Canada. After being paralyzed in a motor cross accident in 2006, having to learn to walk again, and then losing his dad, Kevin has shown extreme resilience in overcoming adversity. The discussion will reveal why he ended up becoming a mindset resilience coach and how he ultimately created Kevin Rempel & Associates Inc.

Kevin is now focusing on building the game of sledge hockey with The Sledge Hockey Experience, inspiring others as a keynote speaker, and coaching leaders using The Resilience Toolbox.

We also discuss Rob's journey as a hockey player, his near-death motorcycle experience, and his professional business career, and how they all motivated him to become a mindset coach for high performance, conscious-minded athletes and individuals who are looking to develop an invincible mindset.


  • 00:00 Intro.
  • 01:54 Kevin’s early days in motor cross, BMX, and skateboarding and his accident.
  • 04:51 Rob’s motorcycle accident.
  • 07:31 What Kevin’s mindset during his recovery and his dad’s approach to his own recovery.
  • 10:49 Kevin’s idols and how they played a role in his recovery.
  • 13:48 How Kevin started his journey into sledge hockey.
  • 17:06 Joining Team Canada and going to Sochi for the Paralympic games.
  • 19:11 The physical demand of sledge hockey.
  • 21:14 Kevin’s Sledge Hockey Experience education program, instructional youtube videos, and giving back to grow the sport of sledge hockey. Kevin’s charity donation of $30,000 to supply sledge hockey sleds for kids.
  • 24:09 Kevin’s definition of mental health and removing the stigma around the term “mental health”.
  • 26:18 What can we do to increase awareness of mental health? The three A’s of the resilience toolbox: admit, ask, and accept.
  • 31:12 Rob’s mental fitness program.
  • 34:38 Kevin’s tools and programs and where to find them.
  • 35:43 The origins of the term “sledge” in sledge hockey, and the renaming of “sledge hockey” to “para ice hockey”
  • 38:50 Kevin opening the upcoming Mental Fitness for Sports and Life II Summit. Raising funds for Buddy Check for Jesse
  • 40:40 Outro.

The interview featured on this episode of the Love What You Play podcast originally aired live on For the Love of the Game's Facebook page and YouTube channel.


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