Cycling to Raise Awareness | Ryan Phillips & Rob Pallante

Episode #87

Ryan Phillips is a former pro hockey player, published author, and TEDx speaker. Rob Pallante is a former NCAA Div 1 hockey player and the founder of Mindset Body Bank!

In this episode, we talk about Ryan's experience in professional hockey and his struggle with mental health. We will also discuss the dramatic events that motivated him to spread the power of positivity and focused thought around the globe. From being barred from the United States and his daughter, and then traveling the world to find happiness, Ryan's incredible life experiences have been recorded in a published book and in a documentary.

We will also discuss Rob's journey as a hockey player, his near-death motorcycle experience, and his professional business career, and how they all motivated him to become a mindset coach for high performance, conscious-minded athletes and individuals who are looking to develop an invincible mindset.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:04 Ryan’s early beginnings in hockey and sports.
  • 03:10 Ryan’s misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder and how concussions had an impact on his health.
  • 10:17 How Ryan handles multiple projects and a busy lifestyle with a good environment and who he surrounds himself with.
  • 13:13 Ryan’s cycling trip around Cambodia to fundraise for human trafficking prevention.
  • 16:10 What Ryan learned from being barred from the United States and being involved in the early days of the marijuana boom in 2012.
  • 19:13 Where Ryan’s passion for cycling began. How he rode across Cambodia for human trafficking awareness, across Canada for mental health, and across South East Asia.
  • 23:11 How Ryan advocates for moving forward in life with purpose and how he acted on his mental health.
  • 25:32 Awareness and action, and how Ryan defines success for himself.
  • 26:50 The time when Ryan lost who he was during marijuana smuggling and how he now dedicates his life to world service.
  • 29:12 Ryan’s tips for how we can control the mental loops we get stuck in. The importance of having fun with the “now”.
  • 32:53 How to connect with Ryan.
  • 33:35 Ryan’s feature presentation at our summit on June 17th.
  • 34:26 Outro.

The interview featured on this episode of the Love What You Play podcast originally aired live on For the Love of the Game's Facebook page and YouTube channel.


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