Love What You Play

Love What You Play

Hosted by: For the Love of the Game

Each week For the Love of the Game meets with the top experts in the youth sports field to provide parents and coaches with the insight, knowledge, and resources they need to ensure kids love what they play.

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Pro Sports and Coaching | Jacques Ladouceur

Jacques Ladouceur is a former pro soccer player and the author of the nonfiction book Make Your Life Count, as well as his newer release for coaches and families, Raising a Pro Athlete. In this episode, we talk about...
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The Brain on Youth Sports | Dr. Julie Stamm

Dr. Julie Stamm is a neuroscientist, anatomist, athletic trainer, researcher, and sports lover. She is also the author for her new book The Brain on Youth Sports: The Science, the Myths, and the Future which we...
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Buddy Check For Jesse | Lindsay Goulet & Rob Pallante

Lindsay Goulet is an advocate for Buddy Check For Jesse and Director of Exercise Programming and Education for Habit Lifestyle Medicine. Rob Pallante is a former NCAA Div 1 hockey player and the founder of Mindset...
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Cycling to Raise Awareness | Ryan Phillips & Rob Pallante

Episode #87

Ryan Phillips is a former pro hockey player, published author, and TEDx speaker. Rob Pallante is a former NCAA Div 1 hockey player and the founder of Mindset Body Bank! In this episode, we talk about Ryan's...
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Overcoming a Major Injury in Sports | Kevin Rempel & Rob Pallante

Episode #86

Kevin Rempel is a Canadian sledge hockey 2013 world champion with a 2014 Paralympic bronze medal and the founder of The Sledge Hockey Experience. Rob Pallante is a former NCAA Div 1 hockey player and the founder of...
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Mental Fitness in Sports | Jason Podollan & Rob Pallante

Episode #85

Jason Podollan is a NHL Alumnus and the founder of Up My Hockey. Rob Pallante is a former NCAA Div 1 hockey player and the founder of Mindset Body Bank! In this episode, we talk about Jason's story as an NHL player...
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NTC Hockey | Dan Blackburn

Episode #84

Dan Blackburn is a coach and the founder of National Training Centres Hockey, as well as the creator of the Pillars of Greatness curriculum. In this episode, we talk about Dan's journey to success as a coach, author,...
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Private Coaching Co. | Owen McBride

Episode #83

Owen McBride is an accomplished athlete who recently founded Private Coaching Co. alongside his team to create positive sport experiences for youth athletes of all skill levels and ages. In this episode, we talk...
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The Path to an NHL Hockey Career | Kris Beech

Episode #82

Kris Beech is a former NHL alumni, mindfulness facilitator, and the founder and CEO of Aimability. In this episode, we talk about Kris’ journey in Hockey from being drafted 7th overall, playing in the NHL including...
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Canadian Girls Baseball | Dana Bookman

Episode #81

Dana has received accolades for her amazing work growing the game for girls by being named by the Toronto Star as one of the top 12 Canadian Change Makers, Canadian Baseball Networks top 100 list of most influential...
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2-4-1 Sports | Steve Boyle

Episode #80

Steve Boyle is widely recognized as the national leader in sport sampling and physical literacy in the United States. As a former Division 1 athlete and after nearly 30 years of counseling, teaching, working with...
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Sport Injuries | Dr. Tommy Gerschman

Episode #79

Dr. Tommy Gerschman received his MD from the University of British Columbia and is a practicing Pediatric Rheumatologist (FRCPC). He is the Chair of the Doctors of BC Athletics and Recreation Committee and is the...
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