Pete Jacobson

Head Coach of Edgemont Panthers Wrestling, Creator of WinSmarter

Pete has been a varsity wrestling coach for 15 years and has faces the struggles every new coach has had to go through. His first year coaching. the entire varsity team had 8 kids and didn’t win a single match!

Over 15 years, his progam has come a long way: two NY State Champions, 11 All-State Wrestlers, 22 Individual Section Champions, 50 All-Section Wrestlers and many dozens of All-League athletes.

For Pete, coaching is a passion and a labor of love. Now with the years experience under his belt; dozens and dozens of books on coaching theory, sports psychology, performance nutrition, team building and motivation read and on his bookshelf; thousands of dollars worth of clinics, seminars and classes attended and PLENTY of trial and error, Pete is out to ensure that coaches don't have to struggle with their questions on their own anymore!


Key Topic: How to Create a Culture of Excellence

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December 14 - 16 , 2018

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