APRIL 10th, 2021

8:45AM to 3:00PM (PDT)













What to Expect

An opportunity to learn and interact with some of the global leaders in youth sport education.


Feature Presentations + Q&A

In the morning and afternoon there will be an expert speaker  discussing key topics on youth sports parents.


Breakout Presentations + Q&A

After the morning feature, we will host four concurrent presentations on varying topics regarding youth sports parenting. As a participant, you get to choose which presentation you would like to attend.


Expert Panel + Q&A

Finally, you will get a chance to hear from some of the top youth sport's industry experts discuss their take on how you can support your child have the highest quality youth sports experience possible.


Session Recordings

Can’t decide on which breakout presentation to attend? Don’t stress. Recordings of the live sessions will be accessible after the event, giving you a chance to review and re-watch!

Access From Anywhere

Our virtual event allows you to learn, interact and experience all within the comfort of your own home.

What You'll Get From The Summit Experience

 Our expert speakers will be providing insight on the following topics:

What parents are looking for in sports

Tips on how to fundraise creatively

How to incorporate core values

Mindful skills for achieving peak performance

LTD vs. Early sport specialization

..and more!


Meet our Speakers

Glen Mulcahy

For the Love of the Game

LTD vs. Early Sport Specialization


Asia Mape

I Love to Watch You Play



Gordon MacLelland


Working with Parents in Sport


Dr. Amy Saltzman

Still Quiet Place

Parental Support in Sport


Ken Willner

Yellow for Yelling



Janis Meredith

Raising Champion Families 

11 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Sports


Matt Young

Quality Sport Hub


Rachel Dunn

University of Toronto 

What Parents are Looking for in Sport


Seanna Thomas

Hockey Snacks

Nutrition Tips for Sports Parents


Meet Your Hosts

Gordon MaCelland

CEO of WWPIS (Working With Parents in Sport)

Gordon MacLelland set up ‘Working with Parents in Sport’ after 20 years as a teacher and as a coach to all age levels from 7 year olds to adults.

He has a BA/Hons degree in Sports Science from University College Chester and a PGCE from Lancaster University.

He is a qualified teacher and has been Director of Sport at an independent prep school in the UK for the last 13 years. He has worked in schools in both the UK and New Zealand for the last 16 years.

He is the author of three books, Two Hats’ – a book for parent coaches who are coaching or thinking of coaching their own children,  ‘Great Sports Parenting’ – A pocket guide for parents of children in sport and ‘Engage’ – A coaches guide to building positive relationships with parents.

In recent times he has become a parent to two children and the early sporting experiences of his own children prompted him to set up the company as well as write the three books above.

As a speaker he brings a wealth of experience to working with organizations, coaches and parents gathered through 20 years as a teacher and coach as well as a parent currently involved in children’s sport.


Glen Mulcahy

For the Love of the Game Executive Director

Glen grew up playing multiple sports across Canada and played on provincial winning teams in Hockey, Football and Rugby. He is a graduate and now a mentor of the University of British Columbia’s School of Kinesiology. Soon after he graduated from UBC he started coaching, and he has now coached men, women, boys and girls in many of the sports he played, and has also mentored thousands of coaches as a Hockey Canada Facilitator and Speaker for Changing the Game Project. Glen is also the founder and CEO of Paradigm Sports and Executive Director of For the Love of the Game, two organizations with the key goal of educating coaches, parents, and sport organizations of current trends, research, and best practices to foster a positive youth sport experience for kids.


Our Mission:

For The Love Of The Game is a Canadian non-profit organization. Our aim is to help the youth sports community bring the focus back to what matters: learning, growing, and having fun playing sports. 

We're working to create a happy and positive youth sports environment, because together we can keep kids active for life! 

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