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S'well 17oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle


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Exclusive Leather Organizer/Notepad (With Pen)

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Pulling Together

"Pulling Together is an extraordinary book. It should be mandatory reading for all coaches. As a former high school, college, and professional athlete I’ll say this: What athlete wouldn’t want to have a coach who embraces the messages expressed in Jason’s book?"

- David Meggyesy
National Football League, retired. Author—Out of Their League

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Chariots and Horses

"In his book CHARIOTS AND HORSES, Jason Dorland confronts and gracefully overcomes a lifetime of negative influences and archaic traditions in sport to discover that personal evolution, the end result of his inspiring journey, is a thousand times more valuable than an Olympic Gold Medal. A great lesson in life for us all."

- Bruce Robertson
Olympic Gold Medalist, Owner Crew Club Athletics

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