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How to Create Your Own Culture of Excellence

In this course, you'll learn about various cultures of excellence in sport and how to create team cultures that are engaging, respectable, and sportsmanlike, get key techniques and tips to apply to your team, and maximize athletic development by applying knowledge from this lesson. 

Coaching Beyond the Game

There is so much more to coaching than writing up drills on a white board.  Learn the characteristics of great coaches so you can transform from being a good coach to a great coach.

Make it Safe

Understand the importance of making youth sports safe to fail and from all forms of harassment (bullying, cyberbullying, sexual harassment, and hazing). Learn the differences of the various forms of harassment. Find out how you can make it safe for all your players, coaches and parents on your teams.

Coaching Boys vs. Girls

Learn the differences of coaching boys vs. girls both in terms of physical and psychological development and the differences in the stages of LTAD. After completing the course you will have several key takeaways you can immediately implement with your boys, girls or co-ed teams.


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