Dr. Nicholas Holt

Nick grew up in Wales and then completed his undergraduate and masters degrees in the UK, before coming to Canada to complete my PhD at the University of Alberta in 2002. His training included physical education, geography, sport science, and sport psychology. Nick worked at Leeds Metropolitan University and Brock University before coming back to the University of Alberta. He is currently a Professor and Associate Dean (Research).

Nick played rugby, cricket, and soccer (aka football). Eventually he focused on soccer, playing at various levels in Wales and England before joining the Golden Bears soccer team (and 'winning' two CIS silver medals) while he was studying for his PhD. Nick began coaching when he was 18, and spent five summers in the US working for Major League Soccer camps. He currently coaches at youth and adult levels in Edmonton. For fun, he runs ultramarathons, with his favorites being Sinister 7, Canadian Death Race, and Blackfoot Ultra. 


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