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Our First Multi-Sport Camp

From July 27-31 2020, we partnered with 2-4-1 Sports to host our first multi-sport camp in New Westminster, BC! Social distancing, frequent cleaning and sanitizing, and immense effort from our coaches allowed us to pull off this incredible event during Covid-19.


Bringing back Camp this Summer!

Camp was a HUGE success last summer! We are thrilled to be back with 2-4-1 sports running two camps for summer 2021! Want to register now? Click the button below to go to the registration page.

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Camp Highlights from last summer!

Special Surprises!

As it was hot all week last summer, we were pretty excited to have New West Fire come on day 4 of our camp to spray us all down and give some laughs for the kids!

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Thank You!

Thank you to the parents, coaches, and kids for making this camp such an amazing success. And of course a huge thanks to 2-4-1 Sports for working with us to bring a multi-sport camp experience to kids north of the border! Look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Testimonials from Happy 2•4•1 Parents

"I wanted to let you know that both girls were very enthusiastic about doing the camp again.  I knew they had fun last year but I was surprised how excited they were for this year since neither one is especially interested in sports. She said it was the best time ever! "

"My son is really enjoying this camp. He was nervous that it was going to be competition-heavy or all soccer, which he gets nervous about [as] he doesn't enjoy soccer. He has really enjoyed trying so many new sports that he's never had the chance to do in gym class or other activities. The way you introduce skills and games has been effective, and warmed him up to new things before he enters middle school. This is a critical age for self-confidence in adolescents and you are making an impact. You all opening during this challenging time has also helped with his mental health as the isolation has been tough. Thank you for doing such a great job!"

Look fun? Sign up for this Summer!

We have two camps this time running out of New Westminster. BC. And more camps yet! Check out more information and register by clicking the link below.

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