Lea Wiens

Lea is the Chair at Sport 4 Life Cochrane - a "non-profit organization of physical activity providers and promoters that inspires commitment to physical literacy in children and youth through education and training; resources; mentorship; advocacy; and networking".

Vision: physical literacy is on every agenda, everywhere.

Lea works with community leaders across multiple sectors, developing knowledge and capacity to deliver physical literacy and quality sport enriched programs and services. After establishing one of the first Sport for Life Community projects in her home town of Cochrane, AB, Lea went on to lead the RBC Learn to Play Community Mentorship on behalf of the Sport for Life Society. Currently, Lea is the project manager supporting physical literacy and quality sport in Indigenous schools and communities as well as working as a Mentor for the Physical Literacy for Communities – BC project

Lea studied Physical Education, Foods and Nutrition, Fitness, and Health Promotion at the University of Alberta. For 13 years, Lea was a Fitness Instructor at Sleave Consulting before she moved on to the Sport for Life Society in 2012. Lea is also the former Director of Sport at the Repsol Sport Center in Calgary, Alberta. To this day, she serves as the Director of Engagement at Sport for Life.


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