Leading vs Bullying - even toddlers know the difference!

I’ve been struggling with motivation and inspiration for this blog the last couple of weeks. As I think I’ve mentioned before, my wife and I are in the throes of parenting, and our twin 7 month olds are draining us.

However, its times like this I’m glad I keep a few articles open on my phone. And one caught my eye as a great piece on leadership with young kids.

A study from the University of Illinois finds that “21-month-old infants can distinguish between...

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Coaching your own child - wearing two hats

coaching two hats wooden Sep 27, 2018

Today is September 26th, and marks the beginning of me coaching my son’s soccer team this season. 

Despite having just 3 years of formal soccer playing experience in our collective lifetimes, my wife and I are again lined up to coach our 7- and 5-year old’s soccer teams.  Considering my a) lack of formal soccer knowledge, and b) lack of experience coaching kids in this age range, I was very nervous at the start of last year. 

But the most nerve-wracking part for me...

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Tips to make your practices fun - Part 2

coaching fun practice Aug 10, 2018

We like to share articles, research, anecdotes, and other stories talking about the need to make youth sports fun again, well how about some actual tips on doing just that.

It can be easy to get swept up in the professionalization of youth sports.  We all want our best for our kids and the players we are coaching so why not teach them the things we see professionals do to excel in their sport?  Well if you are reading this you know why, and if not perhaps check out our Facebook feed...

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