Risky Play - a Right of Passage!

This week we have a guest blog from Children & Nature Network, on how risky play is a "right of passage" for young kids. My favourite part of this article - keeping kids safe means letting them take risks. What a beautiful statement!!!!

As a parents of a 7 year old boy, 5 year old girl, and twin 10 month olds, every day is risky play just keeping track of them all! But when we go to the backyard or to a park, my wife and I do our best to let them run, climb, fall, and get up on their own.  If they don't fall and get hurt, how will they ever learn how to be safe, what their limitations are, and how high is too high?

But the struggle we deal with is the looks from other parents when our kid falls, is crying, and we just sit there. How dare we not immediately rush to our child's side when they show the slightest sign of discomfort!

Full disclosure - we like to think we know when it is serious and need our help right away.  My 5 year old missed a rung on the monkey bars, flipped around and smashed her face on the playground platform.  That one I ran to her right away.  I swear we are still good parents.

I digress.  Please take a look at this great post from Dr. Mariana Brussoni titled RISKY PLAY: Losing a Childhood "Right" of Passage - and a Tool to Help Protect that Right. Hopefully it can help you let your child have a little longer leash, and keep in your back pocket when you get the judgmental stare from the other parents in the park.


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