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For the Love of the Game is a Canadian non-profit organization, aimed at offering the highest quality education and resources for people of the sports community worldwide with online training, webinars, and sports conferences. Through our products and services, we aim to create a beneficial impact in youth sports communities. We view ourselves as being leaders in what we do - promoting physical and mental health, inspiring change, and engaging communities. Our goal is moderate growth, spreading a positive influence, and becoming a beacon in youth sports communities around the world.

By providing coaches and parents with online courses, workshops, and resources, together we can be the catalyst to reverse the negative trends impacting youth sports so all age groups involved PLAY “For the Love of the Game”.

Meet Our Team

Glen Mulcahy

Executive Director

As a UBC Alumni, speaker for Change the Game Project, and hockey Canada NCCP facilitator, Glen wishes to expand his positive influence to improve the youth sports system.

 Glen’s belief in focusing on the fundamentals of the game rather than current game-centric and "winning at all costs" attitudes is inspiring. Now with two youth athletes of his own, Glen is determined to bring the game back to the kids and inspire youth to stay involved in sports not just during teen years, but throughout adulthood as well.

Liz Darroch

Digital Content Coordinator during Fall 2021

Liz is a third year writing student attending the University of Victoria. She has experience in marketing, video editing, and content creation. As a former manuscript reader and book reviewer, Liz is experienced in professional writing etiquette. 

The most recent intern at FTLOTG, Liz was responsible for social media, image and video creation, website updates, landing pages, pipelines and other resources for our membership site as well as the free resources.

Team Alumni

See who has been part of the backbone of our organization since the early stages in 2015.

A note from the Executive Director

Glen Mulcahy


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