Jon Torine

After spending the better part of two decades coaching in the NFL, an incident involving my son's team on a youth baseball field in Carmel, Indiana pulled me toward spending the next part of my life changing the win at all costs mentality so pervasive in youth sports today, to one where character and leadership are the champions. 

I was hired by the Buffalo Bills as an assistant strength and conditioning coach for three years, then my professional travels took me to the Indianapolis Colts where in 1998 I was named the strength and conditioning coordinator, the youngest in league's history ever to be hired in that role.  

Fourteen seasons in Indianapolis saw us accomplish incredible feats, including two Super Bowls with a World Championship in Super Bowl XLI.  What our teams will tell you though, is that the relationships we developed were amongst the most prized and remembered.

I have spent a bulk of the past decade traversing the country with the cause of honoring the youth sports experience so that we may grow and develop virtuous leaders who are a force for good. 

I have been called upon to create and deliver youth, coach, parent, stakeholder and physical education workshops and keynotes that include character, leadership, movement assessment and training, injury prevention, nutrition, regeneration and more, always emphasizing values and human connection over selling false dreams yet supporting lofty goals. 

We want coaches to be the coach they wish they had, parents to be the sports parent their child needs them to be and children to be the teammate they would want to play with.   

Our journey and mission are taking shape as we are now the proud owners of i9 Sports in Monmouth County.  i9 Sports is the nation's largest multi-sport provider focused solely on high-quality, community-based youth sports programs.  We are committed to our mission of "helping kids succeed in life through sports.


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