Gordon Maclelland

Gordon MacLelland is the CEO and founder of Working with Parents in Sport (WWPIS) which was set up after 20 years as a teacher and as a coach to all age levels from 7 year olds to Adults.

He has a BA/Hons degree in Sports Science from University College Chester and a PGCE from Lancaster University.

He is a qualified teacher and has been Director of Sport at an independent prep school in the UK for the last 10 years.  He has worked in schools in both the UK and New Zealand for the last 16 years.

Gordon is the author of two books, "Great Sports Parenting" and "Engage - How to build positive relationships with your players' parents". He is now a father to two children and the early sporting experiences of his own children prompted him to set up the company as well as write the two books above.

When he speaks he brings a wealth of experience to working with parents gathered through 20 years as a teacher and coach as well as a parent currently involved in children’s sport.


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