Nate Leslie

Certified Executive Coach (ACC, CEC, M.Ed.)

Certified Executive Coaching began to lure me in around 2008 after completing a Master's Degree in International Education in Madrid, Spain. As a Certified Executive Coach I’ve helped leaders in many industries including telecommunications, sport management, engineering, humanitarian aid, education, and transitioning athletes.

I speak English, German, Swiss-German, French, and backpacker's Spanish. I played seven years of professional hockey in Europe, in one of the world's top pro leagues, and arguably one of the worst. My adventures have led me to nearly 40 countries. I've lived a life of adventure, achievement, and defeat.

I have helped shape the future of youth ice hockey in Mongolia, New Zealand, Manhattan, and in my home province of British Columbia. I've watched the sunset on Mount Everest, run out of oxygen scuba diving (more than once), slept in an active volcano, and forgot all the lyrics to a song in my first official gig on stage. Beyond Certified Executive Coaching, I lead 200+ great people at Leslie Global Sports, and the West Coast Hockey Prep Camp and run an Athlete Career Transition Program.


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