Dr. Johanna Carlo

Supporting athletes in my various roles as a sports chiropractor, athletic trainer and JOGA Coach has been my career for over 20 years. The JOGA system, designed with the understanding of how athletes move as they compete and train, has proven to be an invaluable resource with a variety of applications. Whether the goal is to build strength and joint stability in foundation postures to gain mobility or as part of a scheduled active recovery day, the varying intensities and low impact nature of this training is well suited for both amateur and professional athletes. Primarily working with high performance athletes in contact sports like hockey and lacrosse, has proven to me how essential preparation is to success. As needed, I coordinate and structure JOGA sessions with Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Medical & Training staff and Technical Skills Coaches to support both in-season and off-season fitness goals for the athlete or team. The ability to manage workloads, modify programming for injury and support an active recovery plan are just a few of the benefits that motivated me to become a JOGA Coach. 




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