Fiona Birch

Fi Birch, founder of Pro Athlete Online, rehabilitated reputation management. She is armed with analytics, an earned understanding of athletes, expectations of coaches, organizations and fans (from 9 years as a team physiologist) and 21 years of brand marketing. With this toolbox, Fi delivers custom strategic guidance, true to the individual, that impacts beyond engagement and reach.

Her client list includes MLB, NHL and NHLCA, USA Hockey, USHL, Motorsport, Olympic level snowboarders and pro triathletes.

Notable keynotes include the NHL Draft/USA Hockey, MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference (2020) and Social Media Marketing World. She founded Pro Athlete Online out of a drive to provide ALL athletes with tools to help them get in, stay in and excel at their sport.

Pro Athlete Online strategically helps athletes, coaches, teams and sports organizations navigate, manage and leverage risk to create opportunities and build a resilient brand.


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