Rosemary Morris

Rosemary has a number of passions in life, BUT the major one – the thing that gets her out of bed in the morning is Sport – "I LOVE sport and I LOVE what sport offers to kids when it is done well."

Rosemary has been Involved at the elite level of basketball for more than 30 years – as a referee at WNBL and SEABL level for 19 years – The first female to referee Men’s games at the elite level. She has been coaching juniors in VJBL for 20 years; Assistant coach at SEABL Level and Development Coach for Melbourne Tigers NBL.  

Rosemary has a goal of optimizing the Sport Participation Experience for ALL involved at Grass Roots Level; Players; Coaches; referees AND parents.

Founder of Shifting The Game  - Having developed and produced Competency Based Accreditation for  Sports Coaches and Referees with pathways from Grass Roots  to elite – The focus being on optimizing the participation experience for all involved ; developing intrinsic and extrinsic life skills that build Social Capital and develop functional communities.

"I know what is required to make it in sport and all of the benefits to be derived AND I want to help as many kids and beginner coaches and referees as possible to have better skills and more fun so that it is a more positive experience for everybody."


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