Donna Perry

Donna Perry is a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC), a member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA), the founder of Donna Perry Consulting and has been a professor at Capilano University for 15 years. She has worked with elite to professional athletes providing guidance to acquire the mental skills necessary for performance excellence, sport, leisure, health and life pursuits. Donna is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) taking an Eco-therapy approach to counseling working with athletes in their natural settings. Donna works with individuals and teams using the sport psychology process as a means to guide athletes along their path. Donna’s approach to mental training follows a multi-modal approach which involves assessing the clients internal thought process and their training environment and then choosing the most appropriate psychological strategies to aid in empowering them on their journey through sport and life.

Her lifelong goal and passion is to help others realize their own potential when we tap into the power of our mind for increasing performance and quality of life. She looks forward to helping you aspire, believe, conceive and achieve those things you choose most in your life. We are in charge of creating our own personal realities. Let’s embrace the process of life as we venture into new experiences and realms and enjoy those that we are currently involved in.

As an athlete Donna grew up playing soccer and ringette mostly, but was an active young girl trying basketball, volleyball and loved to be outside playing street hockey, man hunt and exploring the great outdoors with here 3 brothers. Donna is a Ontario Provincial and Canadian National champion in soccer and travelled all over Canada competing. Currently, Donna plays women’s soccer, takes part in triathlon, enjoys cycling and hikes in the great outdoors and is the parent of a wonderful, spontaneous, fun, gregarious, 11 year old boy.

Inspired by her 11 year old son, she most recently finds herself working with youth athletes, dwelling in hockey rinks across the lower-mainland and into the interior, supporting her young hockey players dream. It is during this time and involvement in the world of youth athletics, that she has gathered many stories & experiences that she would like to share with her community, in hopes that this will shed some light and open up more opportunities for our striving young athletes. She is currently working on an online course, and re-building her website which will be a collection of stories about an athlete’s pursuit of excellence, and navigating the contemporary sporting world as it is today. The course will include real stories from a coach, athlete and parent perspective while providing guidance on the most effective mental strategies to aspire on your life path and the sport journey.

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