Carlene Lewall

From its humble beginnings in the auxiliary gym of Tsawwassen Junior Secondary to its current home at the Delta Sport Development Centre in Ladner, Carlene Lewall has seen Delta Gymnastics evolve into one of the top clubs in Canada.

Lewall's introduction to the sport happened by chance. She started her career as a physical education teacher and part of her degree at UBC involved learning about gymnastics. Upon completion of her degree, her first teaching posting was at Steveston Senior Secondary. At the start of the school year, some students approached her about starting a gymnastics club.

"It was a hobby really, but I just really liked doing it and working with all the kids and seeing their growth was just fantastic," she said. In 1979, Lewall and her family returned to Tsawwassen and her involvement with Delta Gymnastics began.

"I love kids and my goal from the start was to see kids become the best that they could be and gymnastics is the medium to see that happen," said Lewall. "The club has endorsed that and made that happen, so kids coming through here grow physically, but also mentally and socially."


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