Brian Barlow

A soccer referee’s bold statement, social savvy combined with a speaking and marketing background, what could possibly happen?

Can we introduce you to Brian Barlow!?  You probably already know him, he’s been on every national network newscast and every cable syndication program.  What brought Barlow to the game was his facebook page titled “Offside” where he invited people who witness referee abuse to capture it on video and send it to his page, if published he hands out $100!  Offside has become a critical conversation point and Barlow himself has become one of the leading advocates in promoting a massive upgrade and behavioral change in how adults behave at youth sporting events.   Barlow is a collegiate soccer referee with a “Regional” badge having whistled close to 3000 games, including top games at regionals and nationals.  “I can officiate in any environment, it’s the kids, the teenagers, the inexperienced officials I’m fighting for, they shouldn’t be subjected to the verbal vomit of entitled adults behaving like children, we’re inviting them to register then sending them to a field of failure.”  So Barlow launched an initiative called STOP, the acronym for ”stop tormenting officials permanently” where he has created field signs and a set of expectations encouraging parents to sit, watch, enjoy and support all young athletes in the name of development, sportsmanship and the love of the game.

Barlow’s performances on stage are vivid, controversial and though provoking, bring popcorn.

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