Brenda Hilton

A current employee of the Big Ten Conference serving as the Senior Director, Building Services. Prior to July 2018, she spent most of her nearly 20 years working in low-mid-high major collegiate officiating, collaborating most closely with the assignors and the officials at the highest level of Division I men’s basketball. Over the years, Brenda has come to appreciate what officials bring to sporting events and to value their position as leaders on and off the fields and courts. Brenda brings a vast array of experience to the table and understands the whole process of becoming an official from the first inquiry to working the way up to get to the highest level in DI. Her passion for the treatment, recruitment, and retention of officials is well-known around the officiating circuit and her desire to understand the officiating roles over the years has served the world of officiating well.

Prior to being hired at the Big Ten Conference, Brenda spent 11 years as the Office Manager at the Summit League (formerly the Mid-Continent Conference), preparing annual budgets, negotiating office contracts, and serving as the HR contact. She also worked closely with all sport assignors (soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, basketball) to collect schedules, negotiate officiating fees, review game contracts, manage cancelled game reassignments, and coordinate the on-boarding of new officials.

Brenda brings a no-nonsense work ethic to the table and is well known for her get-it-done approach. If she doesn’t have the answer, she will get the answer and she embraces new challenges with passion and determination.


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