Love what you play.

Youth sports attrition rates are as high as 70% by the age of 13. Just think about that; if you put your 10 year old child on a hockey team with 9 other kids, by the time they're teenagers only three kids will be left. As well, national health surveys report 32% of the 5-to-17 year old age group is either overweight or obese. Former active play time is being replaced with inactive screen time, at an average of 6 and a half hours per day. We're so excited with the number of experts we've worked with for this summit who share our goal of helping parents, youth sports coaches, and executive members understand the issues in youth sports and what must be done to fix them.



Hosted By:

Glen Mulcahy

Founder and CEO, PARADIGM Sports



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Steve Boyle

Co-Founder and CEO at National Association of Physical Literacy (naplUSA) and 2-4-1 Sports

Demetrius Clark

Athletics Coach

Dr. Jean Côté

Director, School of Kinesiology, Queen’s University

Jason Dorland

Olympian, Author, Speaker

Joey Eisenmann, PhD

Sport and Science Consultant at Perform-X and VOLT

Dr. Jennifer Fraser

Author of Teaching Bullies: Zero Tolerance on the Court or in the Classroom 

Wade Gilbert, PhD

Professor, California State University and Author of Coaching Better Every Season

Wayne Goldsmith

International Sports Coach and CEO of WG Coaching

Pete Jacobson

Head Coach of Edgemont Panthers Wrestling, Creator of WinSmarter

James Leath

Owner and Founder, Unleash the Athlete LLC

Nate Leslie

Founder and Director, Leslie Global Sports

Kasey Liboiron

Manager, Sport Community Engagement at Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

Gordon MacLelland

Founder and CEO, Working with Parents in Sport

Reed Maltbie

Director of Digital Content and Lead Speaker, Changing the Game Project

Elisa Maruzzo

Sport and Active Living Consultant specializing in Physical Literacy

John O'Sullivan

Founder and CEO, Changing the Game Project

Donna Perry

Instructor of Human Kinetics, Capilano University

Martin Reader

2012 Olympian and Leader of the OFFBALL Athlete

Allyson Tufts

Author of Lessons from Behind the Glass

Glenn Young

Educational Change Consultant

Matt Young

CEO, Personal Sport Record and Quality Coaching Collective

Preview: Dr. Jean Côté

Check out this preview from Dr. Jean Côté's talk, where he discusses the Four Behaviours of a Transformational Leader!


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