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Multi-Sport Youth Camp

Do your kids love sports? Learn more about our two camps in New Westminster, hosted in partnership with 2-4-1 Sports, and upcoming events! Check out what the camps have been like in the past by clicking below.

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Why We're Passionate About Our Cause

By age 13, around 70% of kids will quit organized sports. Why? Because despite all the research that shows the benefits of youth sports, kids say “it’s just not fun anymore”. There is so much pressure to get ahead and be the next big star that the joy of playing gets left on the sidelines. Nowadays, kids tend to specialize in one sport at an early age, leading to early burnout and frustration. Things need to change. We are promoting FUN and giving the game back to the kids. Let’s vow to do better. Help us revive the love of the game.


Our online courses are NCCP-accredited and offer a wide range of topics for coaches, parents, and athletes. Start a course today to stay ahead of the game!


How we do it


  • We have successfully hosted 12 virtual summits since the summer of 2018: initially recorded sessions with various global thought leaders, and evolving into live virtual events offering an engaging, interactive experience featuring keynote speakers of various backgrounds.
  • Our summits have focused on providing insight for all core stakeholders (coaches, parents, officials, players, and board members) so kids love the game more at the end of the season than they did at the beginning.
  • Our speakers are some of the world’s experts in coaching, sport psychology, parent education, science and research.
  • Our events provide qualified Professional Development (PD) credits for Canadian Certified National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) coaches so they can maintain their certification. 


Our Platform:

  • Our platform lets our customers access our content before, during, and after an event.
  • Feature Presentations: (AKA Keynote/Plenary) The opportunity for all attendees to view presentations by leading global experts.
  • Breakout Presentations: An opportunity to choose various topics/speakers concurrently in a more intimate, engaging and interactive setting.
  • Panels: Discussions by multiple experts covering a wide range of topics regarding the youth sports community.
  • Polls/Word Clouds/Interactive Q&A/Sticky Note Exercises: Audience engagement and active participation through questionnaires, to give our virtual audience more involvement.


Our Resources


We meet with the top experts in the youth sports field to discuss coaching, parenting, and healthy habits. Check out some of our podcast episodes uploaded to Audioboom!

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We offer a number of events ranging from courses to live virtual summits, hosting expert speakers on various topics. Learn more about the events we run by clicking below.

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Transformational Coaching Workshop

TC4S Workshop

Through this interactive workshop, learn the specific, measurable skills that will inspire, empower, and bring out the best in your athletes.

Check out more information about the Transformational Coaching for Sport (TC4S) workshop below!

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