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To Help Kids Stay in the Game for Life!

For the Love of the Game is not just an organization, but a team devoted towards educating coaches, parents, and youth leaders to ensure that kids develop a meaningful experience in youth sports. Through our free podcasts, seminars and premium online training, our team hopes to help kids stay in the game for life! 


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Our online courses offer a wide range of topics for coaches, parents, and athletes, and are NCCP accredited. Start a course today to stay ahead of the game!



Each week we meet with the top experts in the youth sports field to discuss youth sports coaching and parenting.

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Our virtual summits feature both live and recorded interviews, panels, and more with industry experts.

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This is a snippet our from our Podcast "Love What You Play". In this episode we talked with Ken Martel, Technical Director of USA Hockey. Listen to all our podcast episodes for free here

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Coaching Kids Sports Blog: Learn the best practices for your kid! click here to see more.

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